Thursday, May 12, 2005

Zanzibar rocks the world's socks

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in update. I've been up to my ears in "real stuff" and haven't kept you all abreast with new Coup d'Taco information. Fear not, that's all changing. First and foremost, I'd like to welcome Zanzibar to the official roster of DJs (Check it out on the right!). His last set was very well received by you all, thanks for the feedback,those of you that fed back. And because he's such a good little worker bee, he's already done with his latest creation "The Uranium Age". The track listing is up, and it will be on the air tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at Noon EST and 10 PM EST. It's also available right now for download from You Send It.

Zanzibar - The Uranium Age

Next week, we should have the return of Lost Luggage, and perhaps a set by yours truly. In the near future we'll have another guest DJ, and more from all your favorites. Keep it tuned to Coup d'Taco.

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