Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Get Love and Beats' beats directly

Hello everyone, hope your weekend was wonderful and BBQ-filled, as mine was. Here is the link to download Love and Beats' set directly for all those that want it. If you weren't able to catch it, I suggest checking it out now.

Love And Beats - Full Moon Night Run, vs. shut

Soon we will have new stuff by jon.dus and more. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Info about Love and Beats' Set

This is straight from the mouth of Love and Beats:

The first hour of music, called "The Full Moon Night Run" is the background that would accompany a fictional night of dancing on the roof top of a moonlit skyscraper at midnight. As the cool winds swim between sweat soaked limps and people jostle their hips, this one hour nonstop mix will be there to bring their night to life and love into their life."

The second half is a DJ battle between myself and special guest DJ "shut" from the land of raspberryheaven radio. It's 8:22am and I haven't slept yet!

I'm really proud of this set and I think it's completely awesome... and hey, I actually talk this time on the set! Truly something all the kids shouldn't miss!

So there you have it. The set will be playing tomorrow at 4 PM EST and Midnight EST. Tomorrow you'll also be able to download the set directly, and read the tracklisting.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I've finally gotten on board with the rest of the blogging world and added a links section. It's on the right hand side, beneath the DJs and Tracklistings and all that. Please check out one or all of them, as there's a lot of good music to be found there. And when you click and check their stuff out, they sometimes post a link back here, and more people find out about the wonderfulness of Coup d'Taco. And that makes everybody happy. But seriously, all those links are ones that I read, and worth investigation. If you know of links that you think I should add, please tell me. And if any links go dead and you realize it before I do, once again, please tell me.

And wouldn't you know it, Love and Beats has been hard at work preparing his latest set for you. I've not yet heard it, as it's not yet done, but from his description, it sounds fantastic. It should be in my hands tonight, and on the air tomorrow as well as for download. As always, I'll give you guys the info when I have it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Lost Luggage's Set for download

As promised, here's the link so you can download Lost Luggage's set directly.

Lost Luggage - 5-24-05

Monday, May 23, 2005

At long last...

You've begged, pleaded, and tried to reason with me. And finally, it's time to announce that Lost Luggage's latest set is finally done. I'm sure you'll all agree that it was worth the wait. It will play tomorrow at 10 AM EST and 10 PM EST. Be sure to listen when you can. The tracklisting and direct download will go up tonight or tomorrow. Radio on!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Enjoy The Modern Sound Spectacular

That didn't take long at all. Here's the set, ready for you to download and listen to.

Tacologic - Enjoy The Modern Sound Spectacular

Check it totally out! :)

Tacologic's Set Time

Almost forgot! In my last post I failed to mention that my new set will be on today at Noon EST and 10 PM EST. So I am right now. My iPod is having technical difficulties unfortunately, so you'll have to wait for the direct download, but it should be available at some point today.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The Return of Tacologic

Yes the rumors are true, I have created another mix. This one is "Enjoy The Modern Sound Spectacular" and I hope you all will agree that it is indeed spectacular. There's no official theme, but I tried to give it an easy listening kind of a vibe while keeping it very happily random. The tracklisting is up on the right, and I'll link the MP3 tomorrow.

Only on Coup d'Taco will you find such favorites as King Richard's Fluegel Knights, Two Man Advantage, and the Fairfield Four all hurled at your ears. It's like pushing the "Random" button on your friend's iPod that has every song ever recorded.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Zanzibar rocks the world's socks

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in update. I've been up to my ears in "real stuff" and haven't kept you all abreast with new Coup d'Taco information. Fear not, that's all changing. First and foremost, I'd like to welcome Zanzibar to the official roster of DJs (Check it out on the right!). His last set was very well received by you all, thanks for the feedback,those of you that fed back. And because he's such a good little worker bee, he's already done with his latest creation "The Uranium Age". The track listing is up, and it will be on the air tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at Noon EST and 10 PM EST. It's also available right now for download from You Send It.

Zanzibar - The Uranium Age

Next week, we should have the return of Lost Luggage, and perhaps a set by yours truly. In the near future we'll have another guest DJ, and more from all your favorites. Keep it tuned to Coup d'Taco.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

More Zanzibar

So, did you listen to Zanzibar's set this afternoon? No? Well you missed a really good one. It will be on at 10 PM EST tonight, though, I understand if you just want to eat tacos and drink sangria... So for you, I'll put the set up on the You Send It system for download. Just click the link, and you'll get a kick ass mix to lsiten to at your leisure.

DJ Zanzibar's Tough Lately For Dreamers



It's Cinco De Mayo today and I couldn't be happier. First of all, it's beautiful here in Brooklyn. Second of all, Cinco De Mayo is a holiday held sacred by myself as well as the rest of the taco-loving public. Third, and most importantly, I have a new set. I was going to cook one up myself, but instead I just ordered one from our brand spanking new DJ Zanzibar.

I'll level with you here... It's a little bit scary whenever a new DJ is added into the fray. However when I heard Zanzibar's mix for the first time, I knew he'd fit in perfectly. Check out the tracklisting on the right. He incorporates The Eurythmics, They Might Be Giants, Utah Saints and The Zombies with a great political/Communist undertone. It's playing today at Noon EST and 10 PM EST and I strongly suggest you check it out.

The file will be available for download as well, but you all will have to tell me which format you'd prefer. Let me know!


It tooks literally weeks of back and forth and tons of help from friends (big ups to Love and Beats as well as Monsieur Moniker) but the torrent for the first file is available. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, Let me explain...

In the simplest terms, torrents are one of the easiest ways to share large files. The way it works, is you download torrent software. One of the leaders in the field is Bit Torrent and their software is really easy to use. Once you have that, the next step is to download a torrent file. The one I currently have going is Love and Beats' first set. So you download that file and then open it up in Bit Torrent. Bit Torrent will then search for everybody who has that torrent file open and download pieces of the file from their computers and assemble it when it's all done.

It's a great tool, because it allows for people to download very large files without one person racking up all the bandwidth charges. So after you download the file, keep the torrent open for as long as you can, so you can provide other Coup d'Taco listeners with music.

I can also check to see if people are downloading this way, which is nice. jon.dus' last set, which was distributed via You Send It, is another way. Tell me which way you prefer to download files and I'll focus on that way from now on.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Download jon.dus' new set directly

I've been trying to figure out the best way to share the music that happens here at Coup d'Taco in ways other than the stream. My initial idea was to set up torrents (which should be happening as of tomorrow) but along with that, I'd like to provide a direct link for download. This is a great idea because of the simplicity, but can be expensive due to bandwidth issues. However, I put two and two together and am going to use the technology at You Send It to make this happen.

jon.dus' By The Numbers

This link will take you to You Send It's site. From there, just click to download the file. That's it. Now you can play it wherever and whenever you want. These links go dead in a week or after it's downloaded too many times (I think) so get on it now, and please let me know if this kind of thing works for you. I'll make all the sets available this way if so.

One, two, three...

More new music coming at you today. Friend, compatriot, funk soul brother, world leader, and DJ extraordinaire jon.dus, el hombre de los robotos, has a new two hour "By The Numbers" set for your enjoyment. It plays today at Noon EST and 10 PM EST, so check it out when you get the chance. It's very good stuff, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Tracklisting is going up as soon as I'm finished typing this.

More surprises later this week are coming as well, including a new DJ and torrents. Finally. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 02, 2005


I guess I wasn't convincing enough with the whole "listen to my latest set" pitch, because few of you listened. This makes me sad. But you have another chance to check it out. Today at about Noon EST, it'll be on again, so do check it out. The tracklisting is up on the side for those of you that like a cheat sheet. Give it a chance. There's some good stuff!

On another note, perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree. Generally new sets have a scheduled air time in the late morning/noon and another in the evening. However, that was just a guess as to when people would want to listen. If it were up to you, what times would new sets air? Leave me some feedback. :)