Thursday, May 26, 2005

Info about Love and Beats' Set

This is straight from the mouth of Love and Beats:

The first hour of music, called "The Full Moon Night Run" is the background that would accompany a fictional night of dancing on the roof top of a moonlit skyscraper at midnight. As the cool winds swim between sweat soaked limps and people jostle their hips, this one hour nonstop mix will be there to bring their night to life and love into their life."

The second half is a DJ battle between myself and special guest DJ "shut" from the land of raspberryheaven radio. It's 8:22am and I haven't slept yet!

I'm really proud of this set and I think it's completely awesome... and hey, I actually talk this time on the set! Truly something all the kids shouldn't miss!

So there you have it. The set will be playing tomorrow at 4 PM EST and Midnight EST. Tomorrow you'll also be able to download the set directly, and read the tracklisting.

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