Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I've finally gotten on board with the rest of the blogging world and added a links section. It's on the right hand side, beneath the DJs and Tracklistings and all that. Please check out one or all of them, as there's a lot of good music to be found there. And when you click and check their stuff out, they sometimes post a link back here, and more people find out about the wonderfulness of Coup d'Taco. And that makes everybody happy. But seriously, all those links are ones that I read, and worth investigation. If you know of links that you think I should add, please tell me. And if any links go dead and you realize it before I do, once again, please tell me.

And wouldn't you know it, Love and Beats has been hard at work preparing his latest set for you. I've not yet heard it, as it's not yet done, but from his description, it sounds fantastic. It should be in my hands tonight, and on the air tomorrow as well as for download. As always, I'll give you guys the info when I have it.

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