Thursday, May 05, 2005


It's Cinco De Mayo today and I couldn't be happier. First of all, it's beautiful here in Brooklyn. Second of all, Cinco De Mayo is a holiday held sacred by myself as well as the rest of the taco-loving public. Third, and most importantly, I have a new set. I was going to cook one up myself, but instead I just ordered one from our brand spanking new DJ Zanzibar.

I'll level with you here... It's a little bit scary whenever a new DJ is added into the fray. However when I heard Zanzibar's mix for the first time, I knew he'd fit in perfectly. Check out the tracklisting on the right. He incorporates The Eurythmics, They Might Be Giants, Utah Saints and The Zombies with a great political/Communist undertone. It's playing today at Noon EST and 10 PM EST and I strongly suggest you check it out.

The file will be available for download as well, but you all will have to tell me which format you'd prefer. Let me know!

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