Thursday, April 28, 2005

My new set

Hello lovers of fine music,

Here's what up with Coup in the near future. Tonight at 10 PM EST and tomorrow at Noon will be my set that I dedicate to Headphone Record. Headphone Record is probably my biggest influence to get this station off the ground. Nat, aka DJ Big Cookie, aka Oshare Neko, has been nothing but pure awesomeness to me, and you should totally check out her show tonight on Pirate Cat Radio at 5 PM EST.

In other news I got a great set from future guest DJ Zanzibar, and that will probably be happening next week. You'll also be getting new installments from jon.dus and Lost Luggage in the near future as well. And I know I've teased about this before, but I'm pretty certain that I'll have torrents going by next week.

These are exciting times my friends!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Love and Beats of a different drummer

New set alert! The incomparable Love and Beats has a new set that I'm listening to as I type this. It's pretty cool. So cool in fact, that I'll share it with you all on Wednesday April 20th at 10 AM EST and 10 PM EST. So tune in and check it out. It's sure to put a bounce in your step and make your day that much better.

If you want a sneak preview, I threw up (yum) the track listing on the right hand side.

Friday, April 15, 2005

More on Blerg

Sorry about the miscommunication last night. I'm still getting the hang of this whole thing... It's a learning experience to say the least. Despite updating the blog, it didn't register to LiveJournal for about four hours, causing many of you who tuned in at 8, hoping to hear Blerg's set, to actually find jondus's set. Not that there's anything wrong with jon's set, but I understand wanting to hear what's new!

So let me try to make up for it. First of all, Blerg's set is on right now, and will be for another hour. Check out the tracklisting on the right hand side. Second of all, I tried a new way to syndicate this blog, and if it works better, I'll tell you all how to switch over. Third of all, on Monday, Blerg's set will play again at Noon EST and at 8 PM EST. Hopefully that will satisfy all of you out there for the time being.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

DJ Blerg's Set, time change

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I need to move back the time of DJ Blerg's set airing from 8:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST. Sorry about that. In the future, I hope to have 8 PM be the time for new sets to play, with one the next morning, but sometimes things don't work out the way you expect them to. The set will be worth the slightly longer wait though, I assure you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Guest DJ Set

Hello radio listeners,

Special treats coming your way! This evening I'll have DJ Blerg in CasaLogic recording studios laying down a guest DJ set. Barring any technical difficulties, it will air on Thursday evening at 8:00 PM EST, Friday morning at 10:00 AM EST, and randomly after that. As it looks now, you'll get two new hours of programming a week, which will hopefully upgrade to four in the fairly forseeable future.

I'm still working on the torrents, but it's not as easy as I'd like it to be. It's now in the hands of people who are more experienced with those kinds of things, which will hopefully be the final step. I'll keep you in the loop.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

On the air!

It's almost 9 PM EST and things are going smoothly. As of right now, 9 14 users are connected. Pretty good listenership for a station that's about one hour old. :) Feel free to link people here and pimp the station if you dig it. Coup d'Taco is all about spreading radio love.

Still working on Torrent and Podcast. It's not as easy as I originally thought.

Show Schedule

Today is the day. Coup d'Taco is going on the air at 8 PM EST, and is staying on come hell or high water. Here is the schedule.

8 PM - Tacologic

10 PM - jon.dus

Midnight - Love and Beats

2 AM - Lost Luggage

And I'm going to repeat them in this order for a day, until things go random. Why the order before the chaos? Well, in the future, new mixes will be announced and played at a scheduled time before going into the fray. But I understand that not everybody is going to be glued to their computers at 2 AM for Lost Luggage's set (though they should be, because it's cool). So if you can't catch him at 2 AM, tune in at 10 AM or 6 PM and you can hear it then.

Torrents will become available this evening as well. More on that later.

Friday, April 01, 2005

First Post

It's April. Spring is in the air. And it's finally time for Coup d'Taco to go on the air! This project has been a brainchild of mine for a few months now, and after a lot of planning, emailing, and working, it's ready to begin. I'm new to this whole Blogger thing, so cut me some slack with how it looks, links and all that. Please give me suggestions and advice though! This is new territory for me.

How it works: The Coup is a handful of DJs who make two-hour long, eclectic mixes for your listening pleasure. The kickoff, which should be the first week of April, will have four mixes. After that, there will be at least one new mix a week, possibly more. I'll also make torrents of the files, and seed them for download, if you prefer that way. Ideas like direct downloads and podcasting may happen at a later date.

Spread the word. Radio is on the rise again.