Friday, April 15, 2005

More on Blerg

Sorry about the miscommunication last night. I'm still getting the hang of this whole thing... It's a learning experience to say the least. Despite updating the blog, it didn't register to LiveJournal for about four hours, causing many of you who tuned in at 8, hoping to hear Blerg's set, to actually find jondus's set. Not that there's anything wrong with jon's set, but I understand wanting to hear what's new!

So let me try to make up for it. First of all, Blerg's set is on right now, and will be for another hour. Check out the tracklisting on the right hand side. Second of all, I tried a new way to syndicate this blog, and if it works better, I'll tell you all how to switch over. Third of all, on Monday, Blerg's set will play again at Noon EST and at 8 PM EST. Hopefully that will satisfy all of you out there for the time being.

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