Thursday, April 28, 2005

My new set

Hello lovers of fine music,

Here's what up with Coup in the near future. Tonight at 10 PM EST and tomorrow at Noon will be my set that I dedicate to Headphone Record. Headphone Record is probably my biggest influence to get this station off the ground. Nat, aka DJ Big Cookie, aka Oshare Neko, has been nothing but pure awesomeness to me, and you should totally check out her show tonight on Pirate Cat Radio at 5 PM EST.

In other news I got a great set from future guest DJ Zanzibar, and that will probably be happening next week. You'll also be getting new installments from jon.dus and Lost Luggage in the near future as well. And I know I've teased about this before, but I'm pretty certain that I'll have torrents going by next week.

These are exciting times my friends!


oshareneko said...

thanks for the shout out Taco!- big cookie

Tacologic said...

No problem! The mix is about to go on, are you able to check it out? If not, let me know when you'll be around a computer and I'll queue it up.