Thursday, June 30, 2005

Back To The Future

A few of you caught Zanzibar's latest set, Notes From The Future, but a lot of you didn't. Good thing that it's going to be playing again this evening at around 10 PM EST. I noticed that the timing might have gotten slightly screwed up, so when I get back to Coup d'Taco studios, I'll fix the situation. But you can always check out the tracklisting on the right and download the set directly.

Zanzibar - Notes From The Future

Tomorrow and Tuesday, we'll have DJ Dexter's set going on. I'm already excited.


Anonymous said...

(The link to Zanzibar's set points to 6.23.05, Love & Beats' set, rather tha to Zanzibar's set at 6.30.05...--DJ uTeru$)

Tacologic said...

Eeek! I missed that. Fixed now, thanks!