Sunday, April 02, 2006

To Sir With Love

What's new, pussycats? DJ Blerg here, bringing you some brand-spankin' new Coup, created specially in honor of a very special dude, Britain's newest knight in shining tight pants, the one and only Tom Jones.

DJ Blerg - A Jones for Jones

Mix contains a little bit of everything - some country, some punk, some mashups, and of course, a healthy dose of the man himself. And so you know what you're listening to, here's the tracklisting.

No applause, please, just throw panties.


Jeff Ramos said...

OH! You're missing Tom Jones' remix of "Situation!"

Tacologic said...

True, that's a good cover, but I like the mix very much. Good job Blerg!

bonerici said...

is coupdetaco officially kaput?